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In 2012, we founded the first European Student Run Clinic (SRC) focused on medical education with insured patients in Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location VUmc. This new learner-centred SRC (LC-SRC; “Studentenpoli” in Dutch) was set up with a view to providing medical students with clinical learning opportunities, such as patient consultations, patient management, and pharmacotherapy. Participation in this LC-SRC is an extracurricular activity, available to all medical students, pharmacy students and specialized nursing students following their training in VU University Amsterdam, University of Utrecht and Hogeschool Inholland. Recently we are also welcoming medical and pharmacy students from other universities and colleges in the Netherlands and started multiple inter-professional LC-SRC.

As the results of a pilot and feasibility study of the LC-SRC were encouraging, the project was scaled-up and now includes projects focused on adverse drug reactions, cardiovascular risk management, polypharmacy, geriatric and general internal medicine and also includes a service for reporting adverse drug reactions in Amsterdam University Medical Centers. Numerous studies regarding our LC-SRC have been published in international peer-reviewed journals (see below). In these studies, we have analyzed the educational value for students and described how participation contributes to learning and how learning is influenced. Additionally, we have also examined the added value of our interventions for modern day healthcare practices. Our scientific publications about the LC-RSC can be found here

Since the foundation the LC-SRC has been nominated for multiple awards and prices. Currently, we are busy to implement the SRC in two other academic centres in the Netherlands, namely Erasmus University Medical Center and Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC. 

Scientific publications
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• Reumerman MO, Tichelaar J, Richir MC, van Agtmael MA. Medical students as adverse drug event managers, learning about side effects while improving their reporting in clinical practice. [submitted 2020]

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+31 20 444 8090
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